Research and Reporting Needs Covered

Obtain insights and context to cover all your research and reporting needs with Foundation Map's compelling set of visualizations. Customize your maps through the filters. You can dig even deeper to understand needs and opportunities by overlaying demographic data.

Data is updated every day from private and independent foundations, corporate foundations, U.S. federal funders, public charities, and international foundations.

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Key Features

Understand Giving Landscape

Our Map view allows you to see the level of giving based on your search criteria.

You can use handy filters to drill down, such as:

Funders, Recipients or Area Served


Subject Area

Population Served

Funder Type

Identify Giving Priorities

Quickly see how funding is distributed across giving areas.

Strengthen Impact Through Collaboration

Discover collaboration opportunities and easily compare organizations through relational mapping. Constellations help you find the connections that will allow you to build stronger networks.

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